Athletes as Brand Ambassadors Analysis

Assignment 3

Athletes as Brand Ambassadors Analysis (25%)

Maximum 2500 words (to be completed individually)

Due date: 12th May, 2017 @ 11.59pm


Professional athletes are often paid large sums of money to endorse a sponsor’s product. The athlete’s agent normally negotiates the deal on behalf of the athlete and earns a commission for their time, skill & expertise.

The agent’s role in sourcing sponsors involves matching the athlete with the most appropriate brands and building a portfolio that maximises the objectives of all parties. There a range of issues, including:


  • the number of sponsors an athlete represents;
  • ability for the athlete to honour his/her commitments to each sponsor;
  • whether to switch sponsors in the same category for short term gain;
  • conflicts of interest – the agent often wants to maximise earning potential for the athlete and himself/herself in the short term;
  • credibility of the athlete if he/she switches sponsors regularly – impact on brand value;
  • protected sponsors eg. AFL protected partners, club protected sponsors;
  • what happens when the athlete retires – how does the valuation change?


Choose two professional athletes from different sports and managed by different agents.

Analyse and compare the brands each athlete endorses. Evaluate the agent’s ability to maximise the objectives of all stakeholders. It is important to consider the issues outlined above and any other issues you consider relevant. Critically analyse the effectiveness of the athlete and their major endorsement contract and make a judgement as to which athlete/agent/brand combination is more effective and explain your rationale.



Assessment Criteria

Weighting – Marks out of 25

Overall structure and logic of paper (DLO2)


Research and application of research & practical examples that can be applied to the area of Athlete Management (DLO1)


Demonstrated critical analysis and evaluation of the two athletes in terms of Athlete Management (DLO4)


Consideration and provide a response that demonstrates an understanding of key stakeholders and their role in Athlete Career Management (DLO5)







Report on recruitment in an industry
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