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MGT8022 -BASED MANAGEMENT MGT8022 PROJECT-BASED MANAGEMENT ASSIGNMENT 2 MARK SHEET Student name (insert your full name) Student number (00) (insert your student ID) It is recommended that you start writing your assignment on the last page of this document. Alternatively, you can attach your assignment to this mark sheet but be careful that formatting is […]

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BCO3442 INFORMATION ETHICS BCO3442 INFORMATION ETHICS AND MANAGEMENT Assessment Three: Argumentative Report Introduction This is an individually prepared assessment task. In this assessment task you are required to argue both points of view (for a topic assigned by your tutor) in a written assessment known as an argumentative essay. Your submission must present a clear […]

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Logical Design Assignment

Logical Design Assignment Assessment item 1—Assignment 1 Due date: Fridayof Week 5(April 7, 2017 – 11:45 pm) Weighting: 30% Length: N/A Objectives • To develop a conceptual data model diagram • To perform logical design Assignment Specification In this assignment, youneed to perform the followingtasks for the given case study: • Draw an Entity Relationship (ER) […]

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BIOS6040 Mathematics for Applied Statistics

BIOS6040 Mathematics for Applied Statistics BIOS6040 Mathematics for Applied Statistics Assignment 1 This assignment will be marked out of 20 and is worth 20% of the total marks for BIOS6040. It covers material in Modules 1 and 2. Attempt all questions. Show necessary working and justify your answers with appropriate reasoning. It is recommended that […]

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Executable Statements Assignment

Executable Statements Assignment DPIT111 Autumn Session 2017 Assignment #1 Due: by March 23, 18:00 Resubmission is open: till March 30, 18:00 Marks: 10 marks The purpose of this assignment is: • Data types, variables, constants • Expressions, Math methods, Executable statements • Input/Output • Comments Read the assignment specification carefully, and make sure that you follow […]

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ENTERPRISE DESKTOP APPLICATION  Assignment 1 Description Marks out of Wtg(%) Due date Assignment 1 100 35 3 April 2017 SPECIFICATION ENTERPRISE DESKTOP APPLICATION CONCEPTUALIZATION POWERPOINT PRESENTATION In this Assignment 1 you are the Manager of a department in a global multinational company (The type of Organization/industry/business/service will be assigned to you via an email from […]

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NEM3101 Engineering Analysis

NEM3101 Engineering Analysis NEM3101 Engineering Analysis and Modelling Dr M.Sek Week 4 tasks NAME: Numerical integration and differentiation. Power demand on an automotive engine. Notes on numerical integration and differentiation can be found by following the links at: You work for a Formula 1 team. You happen to obtain a record of […]

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Communication And Ethics Assignment

Communication And Ethics Assignment Assignment 1 Team work, Communication and Ethics: A Review At the heart of team effectiveness lies communication, and research into organisational team effectiveness repeatedly identifies communication styles and communication skills as the key indicators for successful collaboration. Indeed, you would have experienced team work within your own assessment as a university […]

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Written Communication Skills

Written Communication Skills ASSIGNMENT 1: INDIVIDUAL ASSIGNMENT Due date?Weighting?Length?Learning outcomes assessed: LO1 & LO2 : 7 April 2017 by 23.00 hours?: 30%?: 1,500 words ± 10% (excluding references and appendices) The individual assignment aims to give you an understanding of real life auditing problems and an appreciation of the link between theory and practice. It […]

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Information Systems In Business 

Information Systems In Business Assessment Task 1: Report – Draft Goal: To develop your understanding of the important components of information systems in business Product: Report – Draft Format: Report Question Informatics has a very important role in organisations and an understanding of how informatics can help an organisation achieve goals is vital. In this […]

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