HLTAP501C Analyse health information 

HLTAP501C Analyse health information

PRIVACY DISCLAIMER: TAFE Queensland is collecting your personal information in accordance with NVR (Standard SNR 15.5) for assessment purposes. The information will only be accessed by authorised employees of TAFE Queensland. Some of this information may be given to the National VET Regulator (ASQA) and/or Department of Education, Training and Employment for audit and/or reporting purposes. Your information will not be given to any other person or agency unless you have given us written permission or we are required by law.
Qualification Code & Name
HLT51612 Diploma of Nursing
Unit/s of Competency Code Unit/s of Competency Name
HLTAP501C Analyse health information
Assessment Task Number Assessment Name
Assessment Three of Three Complex Case Study/ Academic Essay
Due Date
See Planner
Submission Details (if applicable)
Students may submit this assessment electronically via My.TAFE or in hard copy to the Flexi Learn Centre
Student Declaration
I declare that this assessment is my own work. Any ideas and comments made by other people have been acknowledged as references. I understand that if this statement is found to be false, it will be regarded as misconduct and will be subject to disciplinary action as outlined in the TAFE Queensland Student Rules. I understand that by me emailing this assessment item, I agree to this Declaration in lieu of a written signature.
Student Signature Date
/ /20
You are required to:
• Research the condition Chronic Heart Failure using the Australian Heart Foundation best practice guidelines.
• You are required to research the client and their condition, and make reference to this research material with intext referencing and a reference list.
• To ensure complete understanding of the client in the case study, you should make reference to the client and their health status in your answers.
• You must research material that is aimed at a ‘Health professional’/ Nursing Professional level.
• Attempt every question in this assessment.
• Write your answers legibly, in your own words and using correct terminology and use of English language.
• All language used should be non-sexist and non-discriminatory.
• Do not use jargon and acronyms in your answers.
• Answers must be based on evidence based practice and information provided linked to approved and appropriate resource material which can be referenced.
• You will be graded on your ability to research the topic and answer the questions using your own knowledge and understanding of your chosen health condition. With use of and reference to research material that supports current and best practice.
• All questions pertain to the ability to research, gather information and formulate an academic answer that should reflect underpinning knowledge of this unit of study, and is aimed at the Nursing Professional level.
• You must submit all parts of this assessment to your teacher on the due date set by your teacher. Failure to submit this assessment on the due date may result in an incomplete result/ resubmission.
• Notify the teacher 14 days prior to the set due date if you are unable to undertake this assessment. Failure to notify the teacher may result in an incomplete result/ resubmission. HLTAP501C Analyse health information 
• Extensions will be granted, only on consultation with the teacher for this course14 days prior to the set due date. An extension will require you to attach a written request to your assessment, & following this: consultation with your teacher. If this written request is not attached, this assessment will be considered Incomplete and will require resubmission.
• You are required to correctly answer 100% of this Assessment to be graded as competent. You are provided with opportunity to resubmit this assessment if you have been graded as incomplete.
To be graded as competent/ complete in this unit of competency, you are required to:
• Complete all parts of this assessment.
• Successfully complete clinical skills outlined in the Clinical Placement Guide and Tools Book, along with all required Vocational placement components.
• Please keep copies of any assignment or report being submitted either electronically or by post for your own records.
Word length: 2000 words
Marking Criteria to Achieve a “Complete” Result
The assessment will be assessed as either Complete or Incomplete using the criteria below (this level of work will require reassessment).
Incomplete Complete
Addresses the assessment questions at the required level.
Responses do not focus on the assessment questions.
Does not provide example relevant to nursing practice.
Interprets question innovatively and maintains focus throughout response.
Provides example relevant to nursing practice.
Use of further reading and research to demonstrate best practice principles in your definition.
Little or no mention of ideas from further reading or research.
Inappropriate usage of Harvard Referencing System.
Minimal or inappropriate responses within definition.
Discusses and critically analyses ideas and theories, as applied to assessment questions.
Appropriate usage of Harvard Referencing System. Discusses appropriate responses within definition.
Presentation (Refer to your Orientation Guide for further guidance) and structure of your assessment.
Difficult to follow.
Sequence hard to determine in the definition.
Responses not relevant to definition terms.
Clear, crisp and logical discussion.
Structure is clear and each definition is presented under a heading.
Instructions to Student: Complex Case Study
For this assessment, you are required to read the Case study, and analyse the health information it has provided. You will be required to research this client’s condition, medication, presenting condition and contributing factors. Your research should include rationales for management strategies and integration of these into the nursing plan of care for this client.
You must research material that is aimed at a ‘Health professional’/ Nursing Professional level.
You are assessed on your ability to effectively research Chronic Heart Failure, so you must: Include your Marieb text and at least 5 independent sources of information in your intext citation and reference list. You will also be required to research and utilise the Australian Heart
Foundation: Guidelines for the prevention, detection and management of chronic heart failure in Australia.
Your answer requires you to write an Academic Essay on the topic, using the research you have found. You are not allowed to use sub-headings (The dot points under each question cover discussion items that must be included in your answer).
Your answer must be at an academic/ ‘health professional’ level. You must write your answers at a level that uses correct medical terminology and is aimed at the Nursing Professional level. This requires you use research that is also aimed at this professional level.
Case Study
A 62year old male has presented to the Hospital with acute exacerbation of Chronic Heart Failure (CHF).
The client’s previous history is as follows:
• 2 years previous- Large Anterolateral Myocardial Infarction (MI) resulting in Thrombolysis and Stenting of the Left Anterior Descending & Circumflex Arteries.
• Angina Pectoris
• Type II Diabetes mellitus- diet controlled.
• Previous acute admission 2 months prior with dilutional hyponatremia due to high dose diuretic therapy. During admission it was noted that the client had decreasing renal function.
• Hypercholesterolemia
• Smokes 35 cigarettes/ day
• Alcohol use
• The client has not been able to work since his MI, and has taken early retirement
• The client lives alone and receives assistance with shopping, cleaning and transport from his family.
Medications brought in by the ambulance from the client’s bathroom cabinet are:
• Frusemide 120mg daily
• Aspirin 150mg daily
• Enalapril 40 mg daily
• Nitrolingual pump spray as required for angina
On admission the client’s observations are as follows:
BP: 100/ 60 mmHg
HR: 134 bpm client also states that he has been getting ‘palpitations’ when he walks
RR: 32 bpm client also states that he gets ‘short of breath’ when he walks and states that he has to prop himself up on pillows to sleep. Temp: 34oC
SpO2: 92% on Room Air BGL: 12 mmol/L
Capillary refill 5 seconds with peripheral cyanosis and clubbing
Distended neck veins and Elevated Jugular Venous Pressure 3+ pitting oedema of the ankles, calves and sacral area ECG reveals evidence of old MI and new ischaemia.
CXR reveals cardiomegaly and small bilateral basal pleural effusions
The client informs you that he has been putting on weight over the last few weeks, and finds it hard to move around especially when going to the toilet, so he has not been taking his Frusemide.
The doctor informs you that the client has soft basal crepitations on auscultation of the chest and tender hepatomegaly.
The client’s current management plan indicates the following:
• Administration of Diuretics
• Monitor observations at 1 hour intervals
• Fluid restrict client to 1 Litre/ day of free fluid
• Strict 24 hour fluid balance chart
• Daily weights
• Fasting morning bloods
• Regular Blood Glucose Monitoring
• Cardiac Diet
• Referral to the Diabetic Educator, Cardiac Rehabilitation Nurse, Physiotherapist and Dietician.
You are required to answer the following questions in the relation to the above case study.
Question One
In a minimum of 800 words, discuss the following in relation to the client in the case study (link your answer to the client’s signs, symptoms, assessment and observation findings):
• Anatomy and physiology of normal cardiac function in the body and then relate this to the pathophysiology of Chronic Heart Failure.
• Identify and discuss the complications/ associated disorders of Chronic Heart Failure.
• Identify and discuss the cause of heart failure for the client in the case study.
• Identify and discuss the signs and symptoms of heart failure being experienced by the client in the case study, and relate these to the pathophysiology of heart failure.
Question Two
Research each medication that the client in the case study has been taking. In a minimum of 400 words, discuss the following:
• For each medication: how this medication works on the body (action); indications for use in Chronic Heart Failure/ Heart Disease and common adverse effects.
Question Three
Utilise the Australian Heart Foundation: Guidelines for the prevention, detection and management of chronic heart failure in Australia to research the Diagnosis of Chronic Heart Failure. In a minimum of 200 words discuss the following diagnostic investigations:
• Chest X-Ray
Your answer must discuss the findings in relation to the presentation and current condition of the client in the case study.
Question Four
Using the information you have been provided in the case study, identify and research lifestyle management strategies for clients with Chronic Heart Failure. In minimum of 200 words discuss the following:
• Factors that have contributed to the client’s current exacerbation of Chronic Heart Failure • Lifestyle factors that the client can modify
Question Five
Using the information you have been provided in the case study, identify and research Nursing care management strategies for clients with Chronic Heart Failure. In minimum of 400 words discuss the following:
• Nutrition/ Cardiac diet
• Fluid management
• Positioning and Pressure area care
• Personal hygiene
• Self-management and education
Your answer must identify and make reference to the management plan prescribed for the client in the case study.
End of assessment

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