Menu Planning and Product Development Y/601/1762
 LO1 Understand factors that influence menu planning
Understand factors that influence menu planning
decisions Menu development and policy overview: principles of menu planning;
types of menu; menu balance; creativity; consumer expectations; religious,
cultural, ethnic and social influences; fads and trends; fashions; themes Menu
compilation: factors eg taste, colour, texture, portion size, temperature,
appearance, commodity planning, seasonal factors Recipe development:
creativity; cookery styles; nutritional composition; consistency of product;
methods eg fresh commodities, prepared foods, combination of fresh and prepared
foods, cook-chill/freeze, batch cookery; call order; timing Food service
systems: variations to standard service methods eg silver, table, buffet, tray,
counter; food presentation; addressing consumer needs and expectations; timing
1.1 discuss the
principles of recipe development
1.2 assess
factors that influence menu planning decisions
1.3 discuss
factors that influence service methods 
LO2 Understand
menu product development planning processes 


Understand menu product development planning processes Idea generation: SWOT
analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats); market and
consumer trends; focus groups; employees; user patterns and habits;
brainstorming of new menu, service or restaurant concept Idea screening and
concept testing: elimination of unsound concepts prior to devoting resources;
developing and marketing; feasibility; cost; production issues Business
analysis: estimated selling price; sales volume; profitability; breakeven
point; market testing; technical implementation; launch; advertising and other
promotions New product pricing: impact of new product; value analysis (internal
& external); differing value segments; products costs (fixed &
variable); forecast of unit volumes; revenue and profit


2.1 discuss the
stages of menu product development planning


evaluate influences on the development process 


LO3 Be able to apply design principles within a food
service environment




Be able to apply design principles within a food service environment Menu
presentation: language; terminology; design styles; colour; pictures; size;
‘white space’; theme reflection Ambience: creativity; theme relationships; the
meal experience; service staff uniforms or dress code; selection of furniture;
decoration; lighting; music; background sound; use of glass, mirrors, wood,
contemporary materials


3.1 justify a
menu design to reflect the menu compilation and recipe development
3.2 justify the
development of the food service environment to support the menu, recipe and
service style 


LO4 Be able to develop specific and actionable
recommendations for a new food service concept
Be able to develop specific and actionable recommendations for a new food
service concept Project management: the critical nature of making the right
decision and the relationship with business strategy; the management of quality
and risk; delivering on time and within budget; the need for back-up planning
and the measurement of performance


4.1 research customer
requirements for a new food concept
4.2 justify
choice of new food concept
 4.3 justify recommendations on
launch/implementation of new food concept


review own performance in relation to developing and implementing new food
concept, suggesting improvements

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