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LO1 Understand how significant life events impact on individuals and their social network

1.1 Explain the impact of significant life events on individual

In the present case, it was seen that Mrs. Garry died of bowel cancer, and due to her illness and eventual death, George was very upset, tensed and confused. Many studies and researches into this topic have stated that significant life events can have either positive or negative impact on lives of an individual (Ross, 1973). Because of illness and death of her mother, George was very upset and sad, due to which he was physically and mentally not in a very good condition. One of the physical effects that he could experience due to this event is loss of appetite. It is one of the common resultants of such events on life of an individual. In such cases, they may not like to consume any edible item as they lose all of their interest in eating food or drinking. Physical events can also be seen in hygiene of the person.  

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1.2 Analyse possible group responses to significant life events that occur to one of its members

1.3 Analyse the impact for others in health and social care when an individual experiences significant life events

LO2 Understand the support available for individuals experiencing significant life events

2.1 Evaluate the effectiveness of organisational policies and procedures in supporting individuals and their social networks affected by significant life events


Supporting individuals when they experience significant changes and development in their lives is very important, as it is the time when if they are not supported or given a guideline may break down and have negative effects on themselves as well as the society in general (Graves, 2009). This report discusses about and sheds light on the impact of such events on the lives of an individual and also how they react to it. Further, it also identifies and evaluates responses of varied groups during such times. Apart from this, special emphasis has been put on analyzing how health and social care organizations provide support to individuals experiencing such situations.


Physical, psychological and social impact of bereavement of individuals

In the present case, it was seen that Mrs. Garry died of bowel cancer, and due to her illness and eventual death, George was very upset, tensed and confused. Many studies and researches into this topic have stated that significant life events can have either positive or negative impact on lives of an individual (Ross, 1973). Because of illness and death of her mother, George was very upset and sad, due to which he was physically and mentally not in a very good condition. One of the physical effects that he could experience due to this event is loss of appetite. It is one of the common resultants of such events on life of an individual. In such cases, they may not like to consume any edible item as they lose all of their interest in eating food or drinking. Physical events can also be seen in hygiene of the person.  

Apart from this, due to such life events, a person also gets mentally ill, disturbed and irritated. Stress is the most common form of effect in these kinds of situations. This effect can be seen through the case study, where George felt a lot of pressure, as he was not able to give full time to his own family and also to his mother, who was very ill (Thomas, Mason and Ford, 2003). In addition to it, he did not have previous experience in taking care of a person who was on the deathbed, nor was he getting any kind of support from the hospital, which kept him in a further stressful situation. In addition to it, such events also have considerable impact on social life and well being of the individual. This aspect can better be understood through the fact that people who experience such troubles start to cut themselves off from their social circles and withdraw from family, friends, colleagues, etc. Similarly, Mrs. Garry also faced a lot of psychological, sociological impact. One of them was that she was under extreme stress which can be supported through fact that she had stopped eating and was just counting her last days in the hospital. Dramatic reduction in weight was another physical impact that Mrs. Garry had to suffer because of bowel cancer that she was suffering from. She also missed the school staff where she used to teach, which clearly indicates impact of social factors on her.

Possible group responses to bereavement  

In cases of bereavement, one of the most vital aspects for the bereaved person is that of the support that they might receive from a wide number of people and groups associated with such concepts. There are many types of groups that such individuals can look forward to receive any support from. It includes the likes of family members, friends, religious communities, colleagues, etc. For such individuals to be able to handle the pressure and shock of losing their loved and closed ones, it is important that they get proper support from such groups (Nolan, 2005).

There are a number of ways in which such groups can help and extend their support to the concerned individual. Family can respond by been there for each other, assisting with house chores, shopping and child care issues. Families can assist by vising and staying with the individual in the hospital, praying and keeping the individual company. In the case study, George responded by taking time off from work and been by the mother side until she died. Also George assisted with the burial of his mother and fulfilling his mother last wish. There was no mention the case study about the support that George’s immediate family offered to George. George can receive help from his family members in terms of moral support and assist in arranging funeral for his mother. In addition to this, they can also support him by carrying out various domestic duties and maintain the house which Mrs. Garry used to live and also advise him on whether or not the house as well as her belongings should be sold or not.


Similarly, friends and colleagues can also provide moral and emotional support to George so that he can handle the shock of her mother's death properly (Schwarzer, 2000). Colleagues can send flowers and sign cards and send to the individuals. They can also contribute money especially for funeral or send flowers to the individuals. Colleagues can also respond by offering to cover the individuals shift for example in hospital. In the case study there was responds by the colleagues of Mrs Garry, they supported George to fulfil his mother last wish.

On the other hand, religious groups and communities can provide help to George in conducting Mrs. Garry's funeral properly and to fulfill her last wish(es).  The faith groups can respond by praying for the individual, hospital visitation as well as financial contribution. In the case study there was no mention of any of such support from George and Mrs Garry’s social network.

Impact for others in health and social care when an individual is bereaved

Bereavement is such an aspect of health and social care as well as that of individuals that it significantly affects other people associated with it in a significant manner as well. One group of individuals who get influenced by it in a substantial manner are the health and social care professionals (Glasby, 2012). Doctors, nurses, care givers, etc. get affected by death of an individual that they may be treating adversely. People who suffer from significant life events when die leave a significant social and emotional impact on the health care professionals they come in contact with. In many studies it has been seen that in addition to family members and friends, being upset due to death of their loved one, but so is the case with staff members working in health care institutions and has been associated with the patient. This is because of the reason that they create an emotional bonding with not only the one who is being treated, but also with their family members, friends and relatives. It has been observed that due to such bonding, health care professionals, feel very bad due death of the person whom they may have been treating. Another reason which describes the reason for physical, social and emotional impact that they feel is that they are the ones who were treating them; and death of the patient would damage their reputation as a health care professional and thus be very bad for their career (Moss, 2012).


In the case study it can be seen that the nurse who came into before Mrs Garry took her last breath could either be suffering from compassionate fatigue or unresolved grief. It can also be that the nurse is not adequately trained in supporting individuals at the end of life stage. Thus Organisation should endeavor to train staff on stages of grief and dying. Also organisation should provide support such as counselling that will aid bereaved nurses to deal with their grief.

organizational policies

Effectiveness of organizational policies and procedures for supporting bereaved individual

Organizational policies and procedures have a very important role to play in providing support to those persons who are bereaved. These are critical to hospitals, mainly because of the reason that they help the management in developing aHND Assignment helps well as maintaining certain quality standards into their work and also ensure that effective health care services are provided to patients. In this context, there are a number of policies and norms which hospitals have to follow. It includes Shaping Bereavement Care, 2010; Standard for Bereavement Care, 2001, etc. All these provide guidelines and systems or procedures through which authorities can cater to a person that has been bereaved (SHAPING BEREAVEMENT CARE, 2010).

When a patient dies (2005) another set of regulation provides necessary help to the person who has experienced through significant life event such as death of a near and dear one. It is basically aimed at providing good care services by NHS hospitals and other health care institutions. The first section of this legislation states that employees of such organizations should be supportive and caring to the person who is on deathbed and also to their family members or relatives.  

2.2 Explain how others in social networks may provide support to individuals experiencing significant life events

2.3 Evaluate the suitability of external sources of support for those affected by significant life events

LO3 Be able to analyse responses made by health and social care services to support individuals experiencing significant life events.

3.1 Analyse possible organisational responses to the need to support individuals experiencing a significant life event

3.2 Reflect on own personal contributions to the support of individuals experiencing significant life events

3.3 Make recommendations for improving the support available in a health and social care organisation for individuals and their social networks when affected by significant life events.

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