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Coursework Information Sheet

Unit Co-ordinator & Lecturer
Unit Name

Contemporary Society in a Global World

Unit Code FYS002-0
Title of Coursework Assignment 1
% weighting of final unit grade 20

Feedback details

The university policy is that you will receive prompt feedback and grade on your work within 20 working days of the submission date.  Exceptionally where this is not achievable (for example due to staff sickness) you will be notified as soon as possible of the revised date and the reasons behind the change.

The policy also states that final grades are available after 20 working days.

Submission Date 9th July 2018 before 10am
Feedback Date 6th August 2018
Details of how to access the feedback BREO unit shell

Assignment Brief

Outline plan for assessment 1

For assessment 1 (20%) you will be provided with a set of 5 questions relating to themes contained in the syllabus content. These will be given out during class 2 weeks prior to submission.


Your task is to consider all the questions and for each one produce a short discussion of the sources you would use to prepare an answer to that question with a bibliography attached.  These sources should be text books, journal articles and relevant web based resources such as the New Internationalist as well as other official government or global organisational (such as the UN) websites but you should not use informal websites (100 words per bibliography – 500 words in total).

All bibliographies/reference lists must follow the Harvard referencing style.

Core learning outcome

  • Demonstrate an understanding of your topic, its applicability to your chosen degree subject and within the context of globalisation
  • Highlight your understanding through using a wide range of sources and information
  • Demonstrate your ability to draw upon a range of academic sources 


  • This is an individual report of 500 words
  • Reports should be submitted electronically through EMA on the BREO course webpage.
  • When submitting your work it is essential that you use your student ID number as the title of your work (NOT your name).
  • This coursework is subject to University Regulations, attention is particularly drawn to the regulations on late submission, CAAS and plagiarism.
  • Coursework should be properly referenced using the Harvard Referencing System and should include a bibliography. Students should note that correct referencing and bibliography are one of the assessment criteria.

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