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Charting a course for the future of a city is a daunting prospect. Cities are complex ecosystems, shared places that make space for each of us to find our own way – together. More daunting still is the invitation to consider the future of Melbourne, a city renowned for its liveability, when change is the only certainty. The City of Melbourne knows well these challenges, yet must make choices that will shape the city’s future. Over recent years, the City of Melbourne has sought to involve its community in making these choices, moving beyond the traditions of elected officials and community consultation to processes that capture and respect the voices of its citizens. These views framed the task of the Future Melbourne citizens’ jury, a diverse group of 52 people broadly representative of the Melbourne community. Over six weeks, several long days of deliberation and ongoing discussions online, the group was challenged to respond to just one question: How should the Future Melbourne vision, goals and priorities be refreshed to prepare our city for the next decade? Excerpt from Foreword by Prof . G. Davis, Chairperson of Ambassadors, “ Future Melbourne 2026’


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These are the goals as envisioned by the ambassadors for the Future of Melbourne. What are your plans for your future? What would you do with your education? Can you see yourself as being part of this vision? Having chosen to study the management of projects, would any of the above goals trigger entrepreneurship? I am sure they do. Your part is then to plan out how this will take shape. As a Project Manager you see opportunity to be a part of ‘Future Melbourne 2026’. You see it as a platform to use your skills and acumen to advantage. However to do so you would need to envisage what you want to achieve and draw up a Plan and a Project Charter. You are to prepare a project charter, as part of your assignment, addressing the following criteria. Purpose and justification- Reason for the project; may refer to business case, strategic objectives or external factors

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Your report will not be less than 1000 words but can be expanded to comprehensively set out details as this document forms the initial and reference point for the project. Please refer to the rubric and marking criteria. This Report/ Assignment is an individual effort and weighs in at 20% of the Semesters’ Mark. Your first draft will be due Week 4, 23rd . March as a hard copy. Your final report will be due Week 10, 11 th May as a hard copy and a soft copy.