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Healthcare and social practice


Healthcare and social practice are applicable for the care home where in service users are provided services as per the regulations. Principle of support and care are applicable for the care homes and employees in such organizations should abide by rules and regulations mentioned by care homes so that best possible care and support can be offered to the service users. In present context principle of support for the healthcare users would be explored, regulations required for the service users along with special focus on person centric approach. Further present paper would explore the regulations pertaining to the ABC care home and resemblance of these regulations in accordance to the national healthcare guidelines.

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Task 1

1.1 Explain how principles of support are applied to ensure that service users are cared for in this Care Home.

ABC care home ensure best possible services for their customers and in order to provide best services to the users key stakeholders of the ABC care home need to be included in service delivery. It is important that all stakeholders should agree on the common protocol to be followed and abide these protocols in totality. Social support and goodness is important for the service users as this would help in order to make social and health care settings successful for the service users. Along with following commonly accepted protocols in healthcare setting it is expected from the health care workers that they would posses’ sufficient knowledge and skill in order to deal with the issues confronted in health and social care settings. Further appropriate amount of knowledge and desired skill set would allow the workers to make informed decisions so as to ensure health & safety for the service users at ABC care home. As carer in ABC care home the focus would be to ensure that confidentiality, belief and dignity for the service users can be maintained.

Developing standard protocols for the workers regarding service users would allow basic elements in healthcare setting which are respect, choice, independence and dignity. Two way communications between service users and workers is an important part of overall healthcare setting. A service user is well known to his healthcare problems and by communicating his problems to the healthcare profession best possible treatment can be obtained. Healthcare workers should ensure that the communication process used by them is supportive, collaborative and non-judgemental (Bond & Bond, 1994). Healthcare professional should understand the fact the informed users would be in better position to express themselves hence one of the key responsibility area for healthcare professional would be to provide timely information to the service users so that they are informed and make better decision to obtain high class services.

1.2 Outlines the procedures that are adopted in this care home for protecting your clients and your colleagues from harm.

Healthcare workers have the responsibility to inculcate equality & diversity among individuals so that service users and their colleagues can be protected from any kind of harm. While working in the organizational environment healthcare professional should follow certain procedure which would help them to ensure harm free environment. First and foremost rule which healthcare workers should keep in their mind while working in the care home is their intention not to affect health of the service users by their action. It should be noted that whatever action workers are taking it should not harm physical or mental health of service users. Informed users are always better as they can help in active decision making hence healthcare professional should provide timely information to the service users regarding processes and procedure to be adopted in the ABC care home.

Further it is expected from the healthcare workers that before initiating the treatment whether regular or specific they would intimate the service user regarding the processes and procedure to be followed during treatment. In addition to informing the service user healthcare professionals should obtain written permission from the service users and any decision regarding treatment should be taken with their due permission in written form. Also workers should address concern of friends and family of service user while undergoing treatment so that information is passed to service users and their family members. There are specific protocols which need to be abided by healthcare professionals pertaining to data security. In ABC care home carer provide protection to the service users from harm.

Workers in healthcare domain should understand the important of health information related to patient. Maintaining high secrecy of the information for the health issues of patient should be their prime duty and without due permission from the patient this information should not be shared with anyone. Before discussing anything pertaining to the service user illness or physical health proper authentication should be obtained from the service user or any other person to whom service user has appointed as his caretaker (Erik et al, 2012). Sharing physical or mental health problems with the other person without permission of service user may lead to the legal action against the worker found guilty of doing so.

Further healthcare workers should understand their role in entire healthcare setting process which is to reduce risk from the healthcare service users. Hence any action which is not mentioned above and can reduce risk to the service user should be taken by the healthcare professionals. Further in case during any stage of the treatment if healthcare professionals identify risk to the service user’s health that should be communicated immediately to the supervisor so that necessary action can be initiated to safeguard life of patient.

1.3 Analyse the benefit of following a person-centred approach with the service users of this care home.

Any approach which can enhance economic benefit and add quality to the life of service user should be adopted and person centric approach to service users of care home is one of the important steps regarding same. As per the estimations from the care quality commission person centred approach is so efficient that every year £2.7 billion can be saved by adoption of person centred approach in healthcare (Socrates, 1994). Person centred approach would enhance economic benefits by reducing number of visits made by service user to hospital and extending personal level care thereby reducing recovery time for service user. Person centred approach would be helpful in providing holistic view to the healthcare and service users can be involved in their own care.

1.4 Explain any ethical dilemmas and conflict that may have arisen when providing care, support and protection to the elderly clients in your care home.

Ethical dilemma is being confronted by a person when there are two contradictory situations are confronted and both situations are having specific logic to be adopted. In healthcare service domain there are chances that ethical dilemma may be confronted between a patient and worker. In order to understand the situation confronted in present context with Mrs. M some of the major ethical dilemma includes best care against the obligation of healthcare professional not to harm the service user, quality of life against the prolonged life and effectiveness of service provided against the duty of care (Tulenko, 2012). All these situations in the present context require active decision making from the healthcare professional as ethical dilemma would be confronted which demand changes in the protocol would set for working by the healthcare professionals. For example in case a service user has serious illness then in that case there would be dilemma of telling that person about his illness so that he/she can be informed but at the same time there can be further complexities in his health due to knowing about the illness. Hence in this situation family members and friends of the patients should be called and they should be told about all issues pertaining to service user.

Task- 2

2.1 Explain the implementation of policies, legislation, regulations and codes of practice that are relevant to own work in ABC Care Home.

Role of legislation bodies is to develop policies and framework to be followed in a country and this legislation policies & framework represent the statutory rights associated with the individuals & groups. Government and their officials hold the responsibility to approve and implement the legislation in a country. Policies are set of rules approved and mutually agreed by the stakeholders in legislation formation and complied by the standards & accreditation so that during the final draft of policy formation critical elements can be included in the legislation. Policy & legislation formation require analysis, information synthesis and consultation in order to make recommendations which would help for the smooth implementation of the legislative rules. ABC care home has the responsibility to understand the code of conduct and regulations framed in the healthcare domain and abide the rules. ABC care home should document all policies and procedure so that all employees are well aware of the regulations and knows how to deal with particular situation in uniformity with the legislative requirements. ABC care home has implemented code of practice which summarizes all legislative considerations in context of healthcare settings and gives direction to the healthcare professionals for the standards conduct which they are expected to exhibit. So as to ensure the individual care role of commission of racial equality and equal opportunity commission would be critical (Morrisey, 2008). Equality act 2010 was a summation of all acts i.e. equal pay act 1970, sex discrimination act 1975, disability discrimination act 1975 etc so that discrimination can be avoided in every form. Children act 2004 was formed in order to develop provision for children’s commissioner and to develop provision for the service provided to children.

2.2 Explain how policies and procedures can be developed in ABC Care Home in accordance with national policy requirements.

Policies and procedure to be followed in ABC care home in accordance with the national policy requirement. Framing local policies and procedure in ABC care home can be done as described through below graphical representation:

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As specified above that the entire process would be started with information to the risk manager which then led to draft formation. This draft would be reviewed by several stakeholders and after consent of all would be provided to board for final ratification. There would be assessment from the equality commission and finally this would be published.

2.3 Evaluate the impact of policy, legislation, regulation, and codes of practice on policies and practices of ABC Care Home. 

From time to time several legislation pertaining to care home have been issued and some of the major legislation include equality legislation, equal pay, disability discrimination act 1996 and discrimination against women etc. These legislations are helpful in order to define policies and procedure in context of health care homes. Major regulations pertaining to health care homes were framed in National Health Service act 2006 which were revised in health care act 2012 through white paper named “equality & excellence”. The major objective for this act was involvement of clinicians in order to ensure changes leading to economic benefits as well as better quality of life (Annual report 2008/09).

Cares standard 2000 were implemented in healthcare domain so as to ensure proper care is being done for the service users. These standards provide the framework in order to ensure proper care and independence for the service users. Another milestone in legislation pertaining to the care home was data protection act 1998 having eight vital elements related to collection, process and interpretation of patient data in order to maintain privacy for the information pertaining to patient in healthcare domain.A major legislation which was related to the protection of vulnerable adults (POVA) which provide list of people banned for working with the vulnerable adults in care homes. It would be helpful in order to enhance reputation of ABC care home, service users would be well protected and higher revenues would be generated by ABC care home.

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3.1 Explain the theories that underpin your work as care worker in ABC Care Home.

As a care worker in ABC care home several theoretical concept were important to learn which includes theory of communication, learning theory, social equality, cognitive theory and humanistic theory. Learning theory is important in healthcare domain as understanding patient’s behaviour and attitude would be the key to healthcare professional. Further establishing active communication with service user would allow workers to establish close relationship with the service users. Social learning theories are helpful for the workers so as to understand the importance of learning process that comes through society. It is evident from the social learning theory that most of the times we learn from indirect experience and imitating others behaviour in social context. As a healthcare worker in ABC care home it is important that we should understand and have better understanding for all these theories in order to work into appropriate manner. Other theories includes behavioural theory which states that there are three types of behavioural learning which are contiguity, classical conditioning and operant conditioning while social cognitive theory states that part of the knowledge gained by a person comes through observing others.

3.2 Analyse how social processes impact on your service users in ABC Care Home

Social processes can be defined as the interaction mode established between individual and group of individual. Social processes would be useful in order to ascertain co-operation or conflict, arrest or decay and social integration or differentiation. Social processes can be used by the service users in order to have better control and planning in order to extend support & care for service users (Marcos, 2004). Social processes also have their impact in order to enhance communication between healthcare professional and service users which would avoid any situation of conflict between the two stakeholders of healthcare domain. In addition to the advantages of social processes, there are several limitations for social processes which include conflict and competition hindering growth for social development. Social processes which process disadvantageous to the society can be called as dissociative social processes.

Role which social processes play in current age society include planning and control over healthcare service parameters. Social processes helps in order to collect, analyse and interpret important relationship from the information gathered. This information can be used in order to identify problems and provide appropriate solution for the problems encountered in the healthcare domain. It is important to establish active two way communication for the effective use of social processes as this would eradicate the social & cultural barriers leading to the growth of social development.

3.3 Evaluate the effectiveness of inter-professional working for your service users in ABC Care Home

Co-ordination between the healthcare professional and organization is of prime important so as to ensure service delivery to the service users of ABC care home. Further in addition to the staff every organization should have good relationship with other stakeholders of the healthcare domain such as housing and other organizations working on voluntarily basis. For example as per the NHS community care act 1990 local authorities in healthcare domain would be responsible to provide healthcare setting with close co-ordination from housing and other organizations working voluntarily. Inter organizational working in healthcare would be beneficial for the healthcare domain as they would reduce work pressure by sharing the mutual responsibilities (WHO, 2010).

Along with positive impacts of inter professional working has into healthcare domain there are several limitations which can be identified for inter professional working which include wastage of time, risk to service users and conflicts. Lot of time is being wasted while establishing inter professional relationship, further high level of risk arises for the service user while establishing inter professional relationship between the healthcare professionals. Further after establishment of the inter professional working in the organizational context there would be environment of conflict due to unclear roles and responsibilities being assigned to the workers in healthcare domain (Northrop, 2012).


4.1 Explain your own role, responsibilities, accountabilities and duties in the context of your work as a Manager within and outside ABC Care Home to resolve the failings mentioned by CQC. (M3)

In the present context action from the healthcare worker led to death of a 14 months old baby which can be due to the poor knowledge and skill set of the healthcare worker. Present discussion would identify role of social worker in entire incident and recommend the suitable action which should have avoided the bad incident. Case of Rio Rass is very unfortunate as social worker remained completely unsuccessful to safeguard life of Rio which should have been saved in case social worker should have equipped with proper knowledge level. This gives concern over the effectiveness over the role of social workers towards determination of health & safety for the service users. Social worker did not know the suitable drug which should have saved Rio’s life (Socrates, 1994). The ideal role for the social worker should have been to address the concern of child’s family and carry out the initial assessment. It was the prime responsibility for the social worker to understand situation and reacting according to the criticality of situation she should have shifted the baby in ABC care home or any other foster home where in her life could have saved.

4.2 Evaluate your own contribution to the development and implementation of organisational policy in ABC Care Home to rectify the shortcomings pointed out by CQC. (D1)

Social worker missed out on her responsibility to follow proper process through which patient’s life could have been saved. Social worker was expected to understand criticality of situation, assess need for the patient & their family and finally adopting the action as per the assessment made for the situation. Social worker should have also adopted any other action which could have reduced risk to the life of Rio. Social worker not even enquired the entire incident but she should have enquired under section 47 of children act 1989. Social worker was supposed to adopt LSCB procedure in order to get Rio’s life out of danger. Despite of being identification of clear danger to the life of Rio there was no significant action taken by social worker which not only points out to the effectiveness of the social worker but also put question mark on agency role to educate social worker and provide knowledge & skill to protect life of service users (McGilvray, 2001).

4.3 Make recommendations to develop own contributions to meeting good practice requirements in ABC care home in the future.

Every service organization rely on the attitude of its staff and ABC care home should try to develop staff attitude in such a way that organizational environment can be made such that learning and mutual co-operation can be established. Further it is required that staff is being trained properly so that they are well aware of all processes and can take appropriate action in case of urgency. Further staff should be given clear indication that when they are not well aware of the appropriate action to be adopted they should contact their immediate supervisor in order to deal with the situation confronted.

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