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Higher National Diploma Assignments are offered part of the curriculum in various HND specializations such as Higher national Diploma for Business Management, HND Hospitality management, HND Travel & tourism and HND Health and social care etc. Every Higher national diploma has limited set of units which are divided among the mandatory and optional units. Students enrolling in HND have to make selection among the optional units while mandatory units are common for all students. Considering the mandatory and optional units students would have to make total credit as per the desired requirement of the course. If total of mandatory and optional units is not as per course requirement then it would not be considered completed.

Popular college and universities in UK for HND

HND courses are being pursued by a large number of students every year in UK alone while there is growth of over 30% recorded in last 3 years in the aspirants enrolling for HND courses. However maximum growth record in HND health and social care segment due to increasing demand worldwide for healthcare service providers in UK and other countries as well. Students pursuing HND Health and social care would have plenty of options so as to pursue their career in healthcare service domain. Some of the popular college and universities offering HND courses in UK would include as under. Please note the name of college and universities are only in random order and does not compete any college or university with other in terms of the infrastructure and other facilities available for students.

  1. ICON College of Technology and management
  2. St Patrick’s college
  3. London School of business and finance
  4. London Churchill College
  5. London School of management
  6. Mont Rose College
  7. City College London
  8. South Thames College
  9. eThames college
  10. Kingston college
  11. University of Kent
  12. University of Aberdeen
  13. Central College London
  14. Regent College London
  15. University of East London
  16. Coventry University London
  17. London South Bank University
  18. City of Westminster college

Specializations in Higher National Diploma

  • HND Health and social care
  • HND Hospitality management
  • HND Travel and tourism
  • HND business management