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HND in hospitality management

HND Hospitality Assignment Management Help

Hospitality services include arrangement of the food & drinks, boarding & lodging, travelling mode and other tourist attraction visit for the people who are on the visit to other place. Hospitality services are showing growth in terms of the revenue generation for the business organizations and entrepreneurs involved in these business activities. Now a day people are showing increasing interest academically in these activities as well. So from academic point of view the hospitality services are becoming center of attraction and high number of students are aspiring to make their career in the Hospitality management domain.

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Units in HND Hospitality management

  • Unit 1 The contemporary hospitality industry
  • Unit 2 Finance in hospitality industry
  • Unit 3 Customer service
  • Unit 4 Research project
  • Unit 5 Food and beverage operation management
  • Unit 6 Room division operation management
  • Unit 7 The developing manager
  • Unit 8 Marketing in hospitality industry
  • Unit 9 Human resource management for service industry
  • Unit 10 Work based experience
  • Unit 11 Resource management in hospitality
  • Unit 12 Hospitality operation management
  • Unit 13 Conference and banqueting management
  • Unit 14 Hospitality contract and event management
  • Unit 15 On licensed Trade management
  • Unit 16 Sales development and merchandising
  • Unit 17 Quality management in business
  • Unit 18 Facilities operations and management
  • Unit 19 External business environment
  • Unit 20 Business health check
  • Unit 21 Small business enterprise
  • Unit 22 Cellar and bar operations management
  • Unit 23 Law for licensed premises
  • Unit 24 Brewing Science
  • Unit 25 Menu Planning and product development
  • Unit 26 Planning and managing food production and beverage service
  • Unit 27 Contemporary Gastronomy
  • Unit 28 World Food
  • Unit 29 Creative Patisserie
  • Unit 30 New product development in food
  • Unit 31 Food safety management
  • Unit 32 Nutrition and diet
  • Unit 33 The Sports and leisure sector
  • Unit 34 Heritage and cultural tourism management
  • Unit 35 The entertainment industry and venue management
  • Unit 36 Sports and leisure tourism in UK
  • Unit 37 The Travel and tourism sector in UK
  • Unit 38 Sustainable tourism development
  • Unit 39 Tourist destinations
  • Unit 40 Tour operations management
  • Unit 41 Personal and professional development
  • Unit 42 Employability skills

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