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TASK 2 (covers learning outcome 2, and assessment criteria 2.1, 2.2 2.3 and 2.4)

Using planning techniques and models you have learnt, complete the following:

2.1. Design a plan which promotes goals and objectives for your own area of responsibility. (AC2.1)

2.2. Write SMART objectives for your department that align people and any other resources in an effective and efficient way. (AC2.2)


2.4. Discuss how project management tools such as Work breakdown Structure (WBS), Gantt Chart, Critical path analysis etc. are used to effectively plan, implement, monitor and control project operations. (AC2.4)

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To achieve M2, logically apply project management tools and techniques in relation with the objective of own area of responsibility in doing so, demonstrate a range of sources of information has been used and information has been synthesised and processed.

To achieve D2, demonstrate an effective approach to independent research and study and will have met the deadline to submit the tasks and achieve the unit assessment criteria.



Answer guideline:  These are the points stress from Lectures


1).   Introduction-Define and briefly explain what is planning.

2).   Why is planning very necessary?  What are the steps in planning process?

3).   Briefly explain your area of responsibility as the Project Manager

(for example).

4).  Clearly state the goals and objectives for your area of responsibilities – Try to

state strong objectives.

5).   Which factors do you consider while designing a plan?

6).   Design a plan that will assist you to achieve these objectives and goals you


7).  Conclusion

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1).   Introduction-Define and explain the concept of MBO.

2).   Clearly explain the ‘’SMART’’ checklist.  Explicitly explain what each letter in  the  ‘’SMART’’ stand for.  You must give specific example to explain each ‘’

‘’ SMART’’  checklist.

3).   You must CONTEXTUALIZE your answer.  Clearly explain how ‘’SMART’’

        Objectives are set in your organisation.

4).   Make sure that while setting the project objectives they must be in compliance

with human resources and other resources available in your organisation.  For

Example you need to take into account the amount of capital and the HR in the


5).    Conclusion

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1).  Introduction-Define and explain what is business system. Why are business    system  necessary.

2).  How are system implemented – Define and explain is system implementation.

3).  Identify some business systems and briefly explain them – for example Lean

Production system, accounting system, etc

4).  Use one system of your own choice and explain how your Jaguar can implement it to achieve its objectives efficiently, on time and on budget while meeting organisational quality standard.


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1)   Introduction- Define and explain what is operational plan.

2)   Explain the factors that need to be considered during operational management.

3)   Clearly explain how work activities can monitor and controlled using some project management tools, such as Gantt chart, Work breakdown structure, Critical Part Analysis (CPA), Program evaluation and review technique (PERT).

Clearly give practical examples how these tools are used-Contextualise your answer.


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