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You have to take up the role of consultant where you can interview the executive staff of a local company where you can speak to one such selected department and understand the activities or what essential services they provide.

Each department is very important for the company and acts as the backbone of the organization. To run a department is all about managing information which is filed in various folders, files, sections etc. The department as chosen by you would have been running the operations over the years. So you need to explore about how the information flow in this particular department and for organization in particular is essential. This is also very important to allow the day to day activities to takes place. All such information as handled by this department specifically needs to be reported to management, also all the department staff needs information for decision making.

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Task 1: Information and Knowledge Needs Grading (P,M,D) Assessment Type
1.1   Discuss the key roles and the functions carried out by employees. What are the decisions taken by this department? P1.1, M3.3 Assignment
1.2   Study the related information and knowledge which is used by employees to take effective decisions. P1.2, M2.3 Assignment
1.3   What do you understand about the role of internal and external sources of information for this department? P1.3, M1.1 Assignment
1.4   What recommendations you can give for the improvement of the department. So that employees can plan their action, and undertake new tasks with more efficiency and effectiveness. P1.4, M1.1 Assignment

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Personal networking provides a straight forward approach to building and working within networks. It delivers a practical guide to creating the kind of network that you need, and becoming a natural & effective communicator. Your aim should be able to successful in your career and be able to create new ways to increase your personal contacts to widen your circle and improves decision making process.

Task 2:Personal Networking Grading (P,M,D) Assessment Type
2.1. Build your list of personnel whom you have identified and currently exist in your personal network. P2.1, D1.1 Assignment
2.2. How do you establish contacts with them and maintain relationship. P2.2, M3.3 Assignment
2.3. Who are the personnel would you involve for decision making for your success in career? How do you decide on whom to involve? P2.3, D3.1 Assignment
2.4. How will you increase your network to achieve your future goals? Write your strategy to improve contacts during the study of HND? P2.4, M3.3 Assignment


The organizations need effective communication to make their operations and functions work properly. The efficient running of your chosen department requires that all the staff of the selected organization work together and that requires the adequate understanding of what others are doing. It requires fundamentally communications which are efficient and effective.


Passing messages have a great impact on the employee’s support of day to day activities. You are aware about the use of various messaging system found in that department and as a consultant you also know how much they are successful.

Unit 3 Organization and behavior

There is a need of effective and right communicating channel in organizations in order to have continuous flow of information internally with employees and externally with customers. There should be proper channel and functional way to inform everyone in the organization about the things going on and what’s new coming in the company. One of the main aims of your report is to find out the functional guideline for communication process in the selected organization whether that is internal or external communication and how it can be implemented in the offices.

Task 3: Communication Processes Grading (P,M,D) Assessment Type
3.1 What are the existing processes of communication found in the selected organization? P3.1, M2.3, D1.1 Report
3.2 What are the ways you suggest to improve the system of communication processes as identified above, give your implementation proposal? P3.2, P3.3, Report
3.3 Develop a personal plan to improve communication skills during the period of HND. Using appropriate tools / techniques document this improvement. P3.4, D2.1 Report


As information systems have developed, they have allowed organization to gather and store vast amounts of data & knowledge. Making information available quickly & easily to those who could act on it is a challenging and important task.

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Task 4:Appropriate Systems Grading (P,M,D) Assessment Type
4.1.  What approach does the department takes in collecting, formatting, storing and disseminating of information and knowledge? P4.1, M3.3 Report
4.2.  How you think the current approach can be improved and what changes needs to be carried out? P4.2, D1.1 Report
4.3.  What ways can be employed to improve the access to systems of information and knowledge and how do you think it can be implemented? P4.3, D3.1 Report
Grading Criteria – Pass Criteria   
Learning Outcome Assessment CriteriaBusiness strategy help Tasks Reference(Page Nos.) Achieved –Yes / No / Partial  
P 1. Understand how to assess information and knowledge needs  P1.1.  discuss the range of decisions to be takenP1.2.  examine the information and knowledge needed to ensure effective decision taking

P1.3.  assess internal and external sources of information and understanding

P1.4.  justify recommendations for improvement






P 2. Be able to create  strategies to increasepersonal networking to widen involvement in the decision-making process  P2.1.  identify stakeholders for a decision making processP2.2.  make contact with those identified and develop business relationships

P2.3.  involve those identified in decision making as appropriate

P2.4.  design strategies for improvement















P 3. Developcommunication processes  P3.1.  report on existing processes of communication in an organizationP3.2.  design ways to improve appropriateness

P3.3.  implement improvements to ensure greater integration of systems of communication in that organization

P3.4.  create a personal plan to improve own communication skills










P 4.  Be able to improve systems relating to information and  knowledge  P4.1.  report on existing approaches to the collection, formatting, storage, dissemination of information and knowledgeP4.2.  carry out appropriate changes to improve the collection, formatting, storage, dissemination of information and knowledge

P4.3.  implement a strategy to improve access to systems of information and knowledge







Grading Criteria – Merit Criteria   
Learning Outcome No. Assessment Criteria / Possible Evidence Reference(Page Nos.) AchievedYes / No / Partial  
M1.  Identify and apply strategies to find appropriate solutions.  M1.1  Answers reflect that effective judgments have been made about the specific content and the level of information. The answers show that an effective approach has been applied and demonstrated. All the steps taken for research are well justified.(Task No.: 1.3 or 1.4 or 2.1)   






M2.  Select design and apply appropriate methods / techniques. M2.3 A range of source of information has been applied in terms of different fact finding, which are well summarized and clearly presented. Discuss the measure to be taken to provide security and accuracy of data. How to increase the productivity of the company expert systems and artificial intelligence can help).(Task No.: 1.2 or 3.1 or 3.2)   








M3. Present and communicate         appropriate findings.  M 3.3  Using range of methods of presentations – tables, time chart, diagrams, produce self-organization chart implementing this assignment, reporting structure etc. with relevant technical language. Assessment instructions are carried out and reports are completed within agreed time frames.(Task No.: 1.1 or 2.2 or 2.4 or 4.1)   






Grading Criteria – Distinction Criteria 


Learning Outcome No Assessment Criteria Tasks Reference       (Page Nos.) Achieved –Yes / No / Partial  
D1. Use critical reflection to evaluate own work and         justify valid conclusions. D 1.1 Produce a proper evaluation report for the effectiveness of the given solution and justification shown for solving specific organization problems. List the drawback of the proposed solution and suggestion for improvement. Explore and brief the ways World Wide Web can help organization improve better and effective communications.(Task No.:2.1 or 3.1 or 3.2 or 4.2)   




D2. Take responsibility for managing and organizing          activities D 2.1 Clarification in understanding assessment instructions is sought, when required. Any assessment activities you complete should be properly referenced for evidence of competence. Self-explanation of your own learning and improvement in knowledge and skill base.(Task No.: 2.4 or 3.3) (Total Assessment)     



D3. Demonstrate convergent lateral creative thinking D 3.1  Ideas have been generated and proper evaluation and decisions taken based on facts gathered through research and analysis. Demonstrate how these dictate the type of information and information system required by the decision makers. Produce a report containing the role of IT for managing this type of organization.(Task No.: 2.3  or  4.3)   








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