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Assessment schedule
Marks out of Wtg(%) Due date

Case Study 2 (2000 words) 100 40% Sunday, 28 January 2017
NOTE:-Please follow instructions till the end of this word doc.
NOTE-As discussed and confirmed with Jimmy on chat need rough /fair assignment needed by 25th NZ Time night for getting feedback from my professor and than if I have changes i will let the expert know.
NOTE- This is based on my previous assignment so request to look into that and accordingly analyse the 2nd case study
NOTE- I have attached few readings whose content needs to be used as reference along with other reference.
NOTE please read guidelines – Please make 12 reference atleast including what i have attached than i may score HD
You should write the case study in such a way that you start your answers from line 1. That is, there is no need for large introductions that we see in essays. You should use the readings/chapters that have been specifically prescribed for each task. You should apply the principles you have learned from lecture material/tutorials/readings that are specific to the case study. Case study 2 answers should be written in narrative form (i.e. sentences not bullet points), and should be 2000 words long, single spaced. You should use at least 10 references as set out in the Guidelines to Case Study 2 on the Study Desk
IMP NOTE-For this please refer to My 1st assignment which i have attached in the email . Please note making assumptions are important and please do not repeat same lines and sentences mentioned about culture and values in assignment 1
Individual case study 2 MGT8039 Assessment Help
Task Required:
Based on your analysis of BHCo in Case Study 1, you are now required to continue your advice to the CEO Carrie Worth. Assuming less than perfect information where you may need to fill in the ‘facts’ by adding more assumptions that you think may assist you in solving case issues, you are required to:
Advise Carrie Worth about any issues she should be aware of with regard to Positive Agency Theory and Stakeholder Theory. You need to use Solomon (2013) Chapters 1 and 2 in your answer in addition to other literature here. (700 words) ( I have attached Solomon 2010 but if you have solomon 2013OR 2014 chapter 1 ad 2 than please use that along with other reference )

Based on reading 4.1 Chapman (2002) and reading 4.2 Tosey & Robinson (2002) what are the key strengths of transformational leadership and change and how can Carrie Worth use these ideas to convince a skeptical Board? (700 words) (attached with reference- use other reference also along with mine)
Based on your analysis of BHCo, adapt and redraw Figure 6.2 Solomon’s framework for corporate risk disclosure (Solomon 2013 p 174). Explain your analysis in relation to Solomon (2013) Chapter 6 and Behan (2011) Chapters 1 and 2 using the case scenario. You should use additional references as well. (600 words)

Corporate risk disclosures- I have attached 2 pdf
a) Corporate Risk Disclosure: a review
b) Corporate Governance and Accountability – refer this for framework page 133 onwards
( Behan chapter 1 and 2 attached )
A)CHAPTER 1 is attached in the email- Boardroom Priorities for New Ceo
B)CHAPTER 2 is attached in the email- STRATEGY- The first big test with your Board
Note: Please use all theory based on the readings in Module 3 and 4. Please use both the George and Solomon texts and the readings. Please use the Style Guide below for listing and quoting references. More marks will be gained by students showing additional evidence of readings in their case answer.
Important Instructions to follow
A. Please read my previous assignment attachment which I have made which is attached as 2nd assignment needs to be analyzed on that using the same scenario
B. Please use all the attached Readings given and reference thru Zotero as per AGPS Harvard style
C. Assignment template attached along with Guidelines so start writing from that Line along with Appendix and Table of Content (Please read the Guidelines)
D. Format- AGPS Harvard style reference ,Line spacing 1.5 , justify grammar , Times Roman 12 , use of my template given, add Table of content and Appendix
E. Use minimum 12 correct references along with in text citation and page number including the readings I have attached.( reference )
F. I need the assignment for feedback by 25th Jan NZ Time night after which i will show to my professor and then will email for changes if required.
G. Please check all the attachment in my email
H. At the end of it, I will need Plagiarism report

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