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In addition to the textbook and the organizations internal publications, a minimum of five outside sources of
information are required. Review industry and academic journals and credible business media in order to select
the appropriate sources for your project.

Research suggestions:
HBS Working Knowledge /
New York Times
Wall Street Journal
The Economist
Paper: 20 pages excluding bibliography and appendices
Minimum of five, credible, outside sources of information (proprietary information, industry data, academic
journals, business articles)
Title Page

Table of Contents
I. Case Summary
II. Introduction
A. History
B. Development
C. Growth
D. Key Stakeholders
III. Strategic Analysis
A. Internal Strengths and Weaknesses
B. External Opportunity and Threats
1. Include a discussion Porters five forces model as it relates to your companys industry
2. Industry life cycle analysis
C. SWOT Analysis
D. Overall competitive position
1. Are current strategies profitable and sustainable?

2. What can the company do to turn weaknesses into strengths and threats into opportunities?
3. Macroenvironment factors

HND Assignment Help

IV. Corporate Level Strategy Analysis
A. Define company’s mission and goals
B. Identify strategic business units/divisions
C. Analyze the relationship among the company’s businesses units/divisions
1. Do the business units/divisions trade or exchange resources? Why? How?
2. Or, is the company just running a portfolio of investments? Explain.
D. Discuss the merits of the strategy given the environment in which the company operates
V. Business Level Strategy
A. Identify competitive strategies for each the business units/divisions if applicable (If the company is a
single-business company, its business level strategy is identical to corporate-level strategy.
B. Identify functional strategies that build competitive advantage through superior efficiency, quality,
innovation, and customer responsiveness
VI. Structure and Control Systems
VII. Recommendations
VIII. Conclusion

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