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Introduction.. 2

LO 1 Evaluation of learning for the individual and the organization.. 3

1.1 Evaluate the different self-managed learning strategies discussed within this unit. Discuss your preferences and why?. 3

1.2 Suggest ways in which organizations can introduce various learning strategies within the workplace. 4

LO2 Personal and professional portfolio.. 5

2.1 Identify your desire profession/occupation and the essential/desirable skill required. 5

2.2 Identify own development needs and the activities required to meet them. 5

Conclusion.. 8

References. 9




The present paper is aimed at the development of self-management learning approaches for the growth of the individual. Self-management learning approach offers the new ways to learn from the surrounding environment. It includes motivating the individual so as to develop its personal and professional skills. Only a well-managed classroom is not enough to impart sufficient learning to the students, instead the focus should be on providing an overall environment to learn new aspects (Bandura, 1997). The environment in which a person lives, or performs work affects the learning aspects of that particular individual.

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The present paper would highlight the role of the surrounding atmosphere in building up the self-learning plans for an individual. Different approaches to self-management learning and the ways in which it can be encouraged shall be studied here. Further, Evaluation of present skills by doing SWOT analysis, efforts to overcome the weaknesses and increasing the strengths would be discussed here. There is a need to evolve a personal and professional development plan for the individuals. Moreover, a review of the acquired skills through personal and professional development is also required.

The review of the development plan is undertaken for identifying the areas of modifications to the current plan. Learner’s views are taken to know about the problems faced by them while undergoing with the learning process. Based on their experiences, the development plans are modified so as to remove obstacles of the previous learning program. Various opportunities provided by organization to develop the communication skills of the employee would also be discussed here.

LO 1 Evaluation of learning for the individual and the organization

1.1    Evaluate the different self-managed learning strategies discussed within this unit. Discuss your preferences and why?

The self management learning program is very essential for the overall development of a person including development associated with both personal and professional life. For this overall development the process of learning plays a major role. Learning can be explained as observing, interpreting and understanding things in different way or acquiring knowledge or skill. Basically, the urge for learning comes from the desire of achieving targets or short/long term plans. Such plans or goals can be on personal level like for self reflection aspect of an individual or professional level like for achieving the organisation mission. For making learning easy and understandable, a learning style can be adopted to follow the respective approach described therein. A learning style helps in choosing the preferences of an individual and thereby generates the sort of interest needed for the learning procedure consequently its lead to motivation to learn and ensure continuity in learning. There are several self managed learning styles for getting a better understanding on the issue. Two among them are Kolb Experiential Learning theory model and Dunn and Dunn Learning theory model.

Kolb Experiential Learning theory model

As per the Kolb Experiential Learning Style there are four distinct learning styles which are normally based on four stage learning cycle. The four stage cycle contains the following:

  1. Concrete experience
  2. Reflective observation
  3. Abstract Conceptualization
  4. Active experimentation

This cycle of learning is the central principle of Kolb’s experiential learning theory. In the theory, the first stage of ‘concrete experience’ provides a basis for “observations and reflections. Later the observations and reflections derived from the experience are absorbed and translated into ‘abstract concepts’. These abstract concepts help in providing implications for action which are ‘actively tested’. And the actively testing procedure creates new experiences again and thus the whole cycle repeats itself in the same manner continuously. As per Kolb different people have different learning style and there preferred style is affected by various factors. Kolb’s has described in his theory that a person’s propensity improves as per his growth and maturity level through the development stages.

Dunn and Dunn Learning model

As per the Dunns, students differ in terms of their ideal way to learn. Some understand and work better in groups while students shy by nature works better alone and there are some students who work better by instruction. Dunns focuses on teachers to understand their students needs for support so as to design the learning experiences accordingly that help the students in learning more effectively.

In order to set my learning style, i prefer Dunn and Dunn model of learning styles as this theory gives the right direction in understanding the point that different students have different state of mind and they should be handled accordingly. Due to their nature, environment their learning styles also differs. Dunns theory identified the different learning styles in terms of psychological references. Student prefer different element of learning like some prefer visual while some prefer audio channels. Thus, Dunns has clearly showed that there are several aspects which indicate the differences in students’ learning styles and approaches used for the learning.

  • Suggest ways in which organizations can introduce various learning strategies within the workplace.

For achieving the desired objectives and aims, organization needs to have a talented, effective and result oriented team. For the overall growth of the organization, business needs to develop self managed learning techniques to develop the skills of the employees.

For introducing and implementing the learning strategies within the workplace organizations needs to develop better ways so as to ensure that the changes are readily accepted by the employees in the form of learning. There are a number of ways in which organizations can introduce the learning techniques.

Individual Development plan

To identify and assess future development needs a set of agreed objectives can be established as a part of the overall development of the employees.

Social Projects and Assignments

Such projects and assignments help in enhancing the employee’s knowledge in a specific area and give them chance to work in groups and understand the work complexities together. It eventually helps in broadening an employee’s knowledge or skill of other functions or departments in the organization.


It can be best explained as on job training to introduce new technology or procedures thereby enhancing their performance level and to correct their deficiencies.


Mentoring is needed to groom those individuals in the organization who show high potential for leadership responsibilities. This is for the continuous development of talented staff.

  • Evaluate the benefits of self-managed learning to the individual and organization

Benefits of self managed learning to the employees

  1. Self managed learning helps the individuals in designing their own learning experience which eventually helps in opting for such approach in which they are most comfortable.

With the help of learning style they match their learning styles with the related style and strategy.

  1. The approach of self managed learning develops the core notion of responsibility and accountability for learning.
  2. As it is a self learning approach so the employees can engage in the learning process as per their convenience as in this strategy own learning is done without any time boundation.


Benefits of self managed learning to the organization

  1. Such type of self managed learning techniques helps the organization to identify their best workers and their talented staff.
  2. Self managing techniques are not much expensive such as the managers can be the teachers for the employees to train them and to teach them. The existing managers acting as coaches and trainers would result in minimal cost for the entire procedure of self managing.
  3. In the case of self managed learning theory the individuals apply the theory immediately on the job which helps the business practically. There remains no tie gap between the learning mechanism and the implementing mechanism.

LO2 Personal and professional portfolio

2.1 Identify your desire profession/occupation and the essential/desirable skill required.

As per the study of present paper, my preference is to become human resource manager and for this the essential and desirable skills required are illustrated as:

  1. To have skills to collaborate and establish clear communication with human resource
  2. Liaison skills so as to liaison with other departments
  3. Personal and Professional development skills
  4. Communication skills

An organization wants to have such employees who possess skills of time management, leadership, communication, fast decision making, and good presentations. There is a need for the person possessing all these skills as smart goals are achieved with the help of the efficient and intelligent staff. A person, who only has education qualification and has low personal and professional skill, faces the challenge to get the desired job in this competitive environment. Thus, there is need to constantly updating yourself with the need of the industries by improving various hidden skills. For example, NHS has a long run objective of assisting patients with funds, supporting the recruited staff of its organization, providing various integrated services to the customers, adapting itself to the needs of the general public. Thus, NHS is working with the aim of fulfilling the needs of various persons and their families resulting into serving a large number of people (Babcock and Laschever, 2003).

To meet the organizational objective of NHS, it needs to possess such staffs that have friendly behaviour with patients, finding solutions to the problems relating to deployment of funds quickly, offering new ideas to fulfil the demands of public at large, skill to undertake research and using of professional knowledge for the growth of the organization. Only by hiring a staff of the required skill, it can attain its various objectives. Thus, a person with pleasing personality possessing good communication and persuasion skills is the need of organizations like NHS. A fast decision making is a personal skill of an individual and varies from person to person. Organizations choose these people because they help it in decisive situations by taking quick and correct decision. Moreover, NHS wants a person who can find new areas of improvement by using his technical skill and personal judgment. This will lead to achievement of the goals of the individual in context of his career and organization in terms of growth.

2.2 Identify own development needs and the activities required meeting them.

An individual should first analyse his learning objectives and present skills. After this, he should make continuous efforts to develop those skills. A person who has good presentation and communication skills , decision making skills and have immediate problem solving skills are always demanded by big organizations. Thus, there is a need to enhance all these skills by doing own efforts. Organization requires a person who has the ability to take fast and right decisions for the successful running of the business operations. Thus, various personality development programs are undertaken worldwide so as to build confidence among youngsters. Ways to improve Body language of the person and their formal dressing sense improvement tips are conveyed to the students in various personality development programs.

If a person is having low communication skill, he should do hard work to grow this skill. Communication and presentation skill can be enhanced by reading newspapers, books, discussion with other colleagues about a particular topic in a particular language. Apart from this, if a person has low general awareness, he can enhance his knowledge by reading knowledgeable books, newspapers watching news channels etc. Further, mirror exercise can also prove to be another personality development enhancer. An individual must have the firstly the technical skill of his field to perform his job, secondly the personal and professional skills to perform the work more efficiently and quickly.

Presently, I am aimed at gaining maximum knowledge through the prevalent educational course. The present educational course is containing various assignments and learning exercises with the help of which I can form a base for my qualification and knowledge (Speck & Knipe, 2005). Thus, through educational qualification, I will be able to step further to seek the career growth opportunities. By completing all these activities, I can apply for the registration in final year.

Moreover, I will continue my studies thereby accomplishing third year too. After this, I shall make efforts to get specialization in the business. Apart from this, is shall also take training for this course to develop my personal and professional skill.

Personal development plan helps the individual in understanding the present situation and taking appropriate actions to develop the futures situations. Understanding of the current situation is necessary to know the present skills an individual possesses and area of improvement in those skills. Professional bodies directs the people to constantly update their records such as educational qualification, experience, current package, age, current industry to which candidate is presently associated with, their proposed job and expectations in monetary terms. With the updated record, there are higher chances of getting the job according to the need and expectation. Some of the key steps for development of personal and professional plan can explained below:

  • Preparation of CV so as to collectively write my personal skills as well as educational qualification, experience, date of birth, professional skills etc.
  • Professional goal and the proposed future activities for the achievement of that goal.
  • Conducting SWOT analysis so as to know about the weaknesses and efforts to remove them.
  • Focusing on the present situation of completing the concerned course and stepping up further (Ghoshal & Bartlett, 1997).
  • Development of a time limit for accomplishment of the desired goals.
  • Following self-learning programs such as communication skill development, enhancing personality and body language etc., for continuous self-development.
  • Reviewing the activities to aimed at development of the personal and professional plans.


2.3 Identify development opportunities to meet current and future defined needs.

There is essentially a need to develop an action plan in order to meet the current and future defined needs which would become the guidance to achieve the desired needs.

The action plan comprises of the following procedures to be done.

  1. In order to meet the current needs a proper understanding is needed to know the skills which a person possess and the required skills that will be needed for the accomplishment of needs. This can only be done with self evaluation.
  2. A complete SWOT analysis of one’s character is to be done which will clearly assess the weakness and strengths of the individual. Assessing the strengths and weaknesses will help the individual to know those personal aspects which nee more attention and improvement like low confidence.
  3. For the betterment of personal skills, necessary training or knowledge should be gained from a proper source of teaching.
  4. In the whole process the existing skills or strengths should not be ignored and the individual should keep on improving them.

2.4 Devise a personal and professional development plan based on identification needs.

In order to be more personally developed, there is a need to practice a adequate action plan. Development on a personal level is very necessary for an individual in order to be excellent in whatever situation he/she may face. The personal growth is based on many factors like family, work place environment etc. But for attaining, I personally feel that there is a need of complete self evaluation which will help in identifying the areas needed to be improved.

  1. Meditation for inner peace
  2. Personality development classes
  3. Improve communication skills


In order to be more professionally developed


Present task has helped in order to develop the self-managed learning activities for the individuals and to develop the personal & professional development portfolio. This task has showcased the self-managed learning style for the individuals so that overall learning can be enhanced for the individuals.