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Southampton city college Assignment

Southampton City College

Southampton is one of the biggest cities in England and the largest city at ceremonial country situated in Hampshire. This city has situated in 121 kilometers south- west of the London city and 31 kilometers far from west north to west of Portsmouths. This is known as a major port city.  As per the record of 2017, total numbers of population of this city is 253,651. These cities have some significant companies, who are contributed to make the GDP is highest rate, such as Southampton city council, Southampton Airport and ABP etc. GDP  per capita of this country is 37.89 US dollar and all over GDP of this country is 51.71 billion US dollar.

Southampton City College located in the city is one of the most popular college around the UK and students from around the world come to study in this college due to its excellence in education system. City College Southampton comprises of large number of educational courses starting from business management domain to travel and tourism courses in which students take admission to build their career. Southampton University and City University are among the major universities in which students take admission mainly for business management and hospitality related courses though they offer wide range of educational domain.

City College Southampton

This place has well known to the world because of its joint innovation with the RMS and Spitfire who are taking the initiatives to manufacture various kinds of space ship during the time of Second World War. Presently the government body of this city is the Southampton city council. The Southampton city ruled in parliamentary procedure. This area has surrounded by rivers and seas. Type of the climate here is oceanic climate. This is one of the warmer cities in the UK. This city is located above the large hot water aquifer, which provides the power of geothermal to the rest of the city. The transport system is also convenient here for carried out any business activities and to continue the livelihood if people.

Southampton consisted with different resources such like natural resource, efficient work force and its infrastructure; these factors are appraised by the various business owners for expanding their business operation in this city. Beyond this core economical factors this city also well known for its attracting place for encouraging the tourism industry. Southampton is known as the gateway to the world. Moreover, this city is also well known for its culture, media, and sports activity. The educational system of this city is strong and higher education. As per the record of Academic ranking universities, this city has been considered to have top most academic facilities for both its native and non-natives student.

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