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Proposal for a sustainable tourism project

Assignment Brief

Sustainable Tourism is Rubbish! This was the opinion expressed by Jo Baddeley – Sustainable Tourism Manager for Thomas Cook (TC) in an interview with ValereTjolle of Totem Tourism. Watch the full video here

The Travel Foundation have been working in collaboration with TC and have also launched the Make Holidays Greener Campaignand have come up with initiatives such as the Big Holiday Beach Clean to ensure that beaches are clean so that tourism, costal communities and wildlife can thrive (The Travel Foundation, 2016)

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One thing that TC are already doing is the bag for life campaign, where holiday makers in Cyprus substitute the plastic bags given out in the supermarket for the TC Bags for Life. The holiday makers are then entered into a prise draw for the chance to win a voucher for £200 off their next holiday. Also, local businesses have begun offering discounts as a result of this project, giving the holiday makers even more incentive to participate in this scheme.

TC have input this project which will in-part provide a solution for how to deal with the high amounts of rubbish that are generated in resorts in Cyprus. Cyprus is a very popular holiday

destination for the UK tourist market and currently they have very little land fill space left, so they had to come up with a simple and innovative way to reduce waste at resort level so that less goes to landfill.


You work in Jo’s team for Thomas Cook and you have been tasked with identifying and critiquing the sustainable waste reduction projects that are offered by TC’s competitors.

She has asked you to produce a proposal which not only identifies and critiques these existing projects, but also proposes which project TC should undertake next and why.  Ensure you provide suitable reasons and recommendations for your choice.

Throughout the proposal it should be clear that you recognise the importance of sustainable tourism development (LO4). This will be achieved by acknowledging the need for these kind of initiatives at a resort level.  

You should assess not only the advantages but also the possible problems that your chosen project will present.

Please identify clearly which sustainable tourism destinations will be targeted for the new project and why they fit with your chosen solution.

You have been given two examples earlier on in the brief (bag for life and beach clean) and you must conduct secondary research to find other initiatives offered by TC’s competitors.  The chosen project must be in line with ethical principles and you must analyse the role in which ethics play when developing projects of this nature (LO5).

Also you must address the potential disharmony between the relationship of tourism, the environment and sustainable development (i.e. tourists generate high levels of rubbish and generally don’t want to think about it when they are on holiday, however, the environment of the host country suffers as a result and this is not in keeping with the guiding principles of sustainable development) (LO2). How will your project address this disharmony?

Provide a critique of how this project will be marketed using sustainable marketing methods in a sustainable tourism destination of your choice (L06).

Your proposal document should be presented in the style of a typical business report.

Your assignment needs to respond to the following learning outcomes successfully:

2 Demonstrate in writing a systematic understanding of the complexities of the relationship between tourism, the environment and sustainable development.
4 Recognise the importance of sustainable tourism development.
5 Analyse the role of ethics in developing and promoting sustainable tourism.
6 Critique the marketing of sustainable tourism destinations.


This assignment represents 60% of the overall module marks and covers Learning Outcomes 2 4-6.

You are required to write a report where the word Count will be 3000 + / – 10%

Guidance notes and considerations

Consider and provide industry examples to support your reasoning

Always consider following: What? When? Why? Where? & How?  when developing your assignments. These will assist you to analyse, evaluate and reason your points of view. Remember to support your concept / academic argument with an example as it allows the reader to appreciate the rigour and your understanding of the task.

When writing a report, the format normally includes headings and may contain tabulated information. The report normally carries an executive summary and recommendations. Your argument must flow in a sequential manner.

In all cases the report should be more than descriptive collations of individual submissions or library material (sources should be referenced in detail, notions alone are not acceptable); should illustrate relevant aspects of theory and accepted practices, and demonstrate thoughtful analysis and discussion of key issues. Marks will be lost of the report is poorly presented, structured or written.

Criteria for Assessment

Your Assessors are looking for:

Report writing and presentation skills inc. grammar, etc.                               (10%)

Depth of knowledge and understanding                                                        (30%)

Application of theory/concepts and referencing                                             (30%)

Critical analysis and evaluation of key similarities and differences (30%)

Sustainable tourism and destination management Assignment 1

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