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Task 3: Forensics Report (20 Marks)

In this major task assume you are a Digital Forensics Examiner. Considering a real

or a hypothetical case you are required to produce a formal report consisting of facts

from your findings to your attorney who has retained you. You are free to choose a

forensics scenario which can be the examination of a storage media (HDD, USB

Drive, etc), email or social media forensics, mobile device forensics, cloud forensics

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or any other appropriate scenario you can think of.

Deliverable: A forensics report of 1800-2000 words.

Executive Summary or Abstract

This section provides a brief overview of the case, your involvement as an examiner,

authorisation, major findings and conclusion 


Background, scope of engagement, tools and findings

(3 marks)

HD: All elements are present, well expressed, comprehensive and accurate.

Analysis: relevant programs, techniques, graphics


(5 marks)

refer to Figure xx or Appendix xx or Glossary xx for procedures or how to obtain

the results/outcomes

HD: Description of analysis is clear and appropriate programs and techniques are

selected. Very good graphic image analysis.


specific files/images, type of searches, type of evidencAssignment Help Australiae, indicators of ownership

(5 marks)

refer to Figure xx or Appendix xx or Glossary xx for procedures or how to obtain

the results/outcomes

HD: A greater detail of findings is provided. Keywords and string searches are listed

very clearly. Evidence found is very convincing. Indication of ownership is very clear.


Summary, Results

(3 marks)

HD: High level summary of results is provided which is consistent with the report.


Must cite references to all material used as sources for the content (May add your

task 1 and 2 references here if any)

(2 marks)

HD: APA 6th edition referencing applied to a range of relevant resources. No

referencing errors. Direct quotes used sparingly. Sources all documented.

Glossary / Appendices:

(2 marks)

HD: Glossary of technical terms used in the report is provided which has generally

acceptable source of definition of the terms and appropriate references are

included. Relevant supporting



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