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Unit 15 Resort Management
November 5, 2015 Uncategorized
HND Assignment Brief Session: September 2015
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BTEC HND in Travel and
Tourism Management
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Travel and tourism Management
Resort Management
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Operations in the Tropics
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Final assignment submission deadline
28 Dec
2014 to 09 Jan 2016
Late submissions
July 11-16 Jan 2016
learners are required to follow the strict deadline set by the
College for submissions of assignments in accordance with the BTEC level 4 – 7 submission guidelines
and College policy on submissions.
They should also refer to Merit and Distinction criteria that require evidence
of meeting agreed timelines and ability to plan and organise time effectively without which the learner may not
expect to receive a higher grade.
Resubmission deadline

Marketing essentials

Understanding specific need in health and social care
In class feedback will be available from
draft submissions on a task by task basis as a formative assessment as
well as summative feedback in the
form of initial submission.
Final feedback will be available within 2
weeks of the assignment submission date.
General Guidelines
The work you submit must be in your own words. If you use a quote or an illustration from
somewhere you must give the source.
Include a list of
references at the end of your document. You must give all your sources of information.
Make sure your work is
clearly presented and that you use
correct grammar.
Wherever possible use a word processor and its “spell- checker”.
Internal verifier
Signature (IV of the brief) *
of Technology and Management
HND in Travel and Tourism Unit
15: Resort Management (L 5) Assignment Brief September 2015
Assignment Context and the Scenario
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assignment consists of three tasks aimed at helping the learner understand the nature and structure of the resort operations as well as understanding the importance of quality
systems and their impacts along with issues of managing incidents in resorts
For this
assignment, consider yourself as a trained travel and tourism executive with several
years of experience working as a resort-tour operator coordinator. You
have been assigned to prepare and present a written report
to the company management of your chosen organisation which is engaged in the
packaging and selling of holidays to the tropical islands such as
Jamaica and Sri Lanka etc. The management is very much interested in evaluating the current quality systems in the resorts and the managementHND Assignment Help
practices related to incidents.
Although the tasks in this assignment are all based on the scenario provided
above you need to support your discussion with relevant theories and concepts.
Choose a medium to large travel
and tourism organisation with tour operations in the UK. .
Research the resort management practices in the Caribbean or Indian Ocean resorts and provide
a one-page summary of your chosen organisation as an introduction.
Avoid using cut and paste
materials when writing and completing assignment.
Recommended word limit is 3000, excluding the
introduction and appendices, if any.

Assignment Tasks

LO 1: Task 1

Using a couples of resorts you have chosen
to focus from your company
portfolio, investigate and analyse the various functions of resort
operations, including the coordination and handling of various tour
operators and customer service function as well as managing the legal and health and
safety issues. P 1.1

Marketing essentials

Understanding specific need in health and social care
Analyse how the resort
managements structure and organise the various types of tour operators and their guest-related
and activities, including specialist programmes
such as diving and seasonally varied events such as winter sports. P 1.2
Ø M 1:
Explore the complex problems related the various functions of resort operations using effective approach
to study and research a selected resort
(Task 1 A)
Ø D 1.Evaluate the current
management structure of your selected resort
based on the defined criteria
such as functions or activities
of the chosen resort (Task 1B)

Theories and concept of human development and behavior

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