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Unit 47 Employability Skills
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skills are important for the employees in order to work with the organization
and play their role towards attaining organizational objectives. Employability
skills are important for the employees so that they can develop their roles
& responsibilities in order to maximize their own and organizational
performance. This would include exploring techniques so that employees are able
to find out possible solutions for the problem encountered by them. Role of
team in organizational context would be of immense importance so as to develop
shared goals for attaining ultimate organizational objectives (O’Brien, 2009). The aim of present paper is to
discuss the employability skills in context to work based problems faced by
employees of an organization. Further strategies and skill set in order to deal
with these problems would also be explored in the current paper.
Task 1
A. Discuss
how you would develop your own responsibilities and performance targets based
on your experience of working in an organization
In the present context job role
for administrator has been selected with organization named Constrictum.
Working as the administrator in organization there would be several
responsibilities that would be handled by a person involving direct &
indirect responsibilities towards the management in organization and employees
as well. Administrator in the organization would be held responsible for making
decision pertaining to day to day issues faced in business operations.
Administrator would also be responsible to gain new knowledge & skill level
and reflect the same in his future job role.

Influences on health and social care organization 

Theories and concept of human development and behavior In addition to this an
administrator in the organization would be held responsible in order to abide
by regulations such as workplace discrimination, employment law, employee
rights & regulations and workplace ethics (Mayo, 2005). These roles would be suitably managed by
administrator so as to accomplish their job role with highest degree of
satisfaction. Performance target for administrator would be linked with
smoothness of business operations, decision making process, obtaining new skill
set and following the regulations. In order to set a quantitative criterion for
performance of administrator in organizational context time to make decision,
acquiring & reflecting new skills and number of violation for the
regulations in organizational context can be set as the major performance
objective for the administrator. The performance objectives set for the
administrator would be SMART so that these have proper measurement tool in
order to measure and make improvement in the performance objectives. It is
important to develop a self monitoring system so as to understand the actual
achievement of the self developed objectives against the projected objectives
of a person. For example, an administrator can set the criterion for faster
decision making by deciding that every day to day decision in organizational
context would be made within 2 hours of coming to the table. A historical
record would be maintained for the decision making process and time would be
noted for the each decision made so as to understand whether the particular
performance target has been achieved or not (Klerck, 2009). Global Information Systems Exam Review
B. Using a
specific situation you may have encountered, critically examine what you would
have recommended for improvement or had taken any action to improve your
There can be several
recommendations and suggestions which can be made so that the performance of a
person can be improved at his current job role of administrator. Below are some
of the key recommendations:

Unit 4 – Personal  and professional development in health and social care

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decision making can be attained by deploying better technological equipment
which would provide higher level of data analysis helping in faster decision
making process. Training sessions can be attended in order to allow
administrator learn about their decision making process. Further depending upon
number of years in the particular job decision making would also improved from
experience in past and expertise in job role.
knowledge can be gained with the help of seminars and conferences and this
would be implemented in organizational context so as to improve upon the job
performance (Merkle, 2012)
A 360 degree
feedback can be obtained by administrator in order to understand the job
performance from several stakeholders in the organization such as supervisor,
subordinates, colleagues and counter parts working in other organizations as
well. This would help in understand the issues in present job role from all
these aspects and improvement suggestions can also be taken from these
stakeholders so as to make necessary improvement.

Understanding specific need in health and social care
responsibility area for the present job role of administrator can be developed
and this would be strictly followed in order to reduce the work activities
which are not the part of KRA and to enhance achievement in terms of KRA for
the administrator
Training and
development needs would be identified for the technical and non technical
expertise required by a person in order to fulfill their job responsibilities.
MBO process
can be developed in order to set upon various key objectives in conformity with
the organization and employees (Paauwe & Boon, 2013)
method followed in the organization would allow setting the expectations from
candidate and actual performance and this would help in measuring the
performance. Actual data and judgmental data can be used so as to understand
the difference between expectations from a candidate and actual performance of
a person.
Overall recommendations for
improvement can be developed based on the learning techniques and self
improvement methods deployed by a person so that continuous improvement can be
done by a person to satisfy his job role.
Task 2
A. Analyze a
work based situation of yours and discuss how you would identify and suggest
solution or you had identified and suggested a solution.
For the present task example of
Constrictum can be taken wherein company has launched a new product named
SpiderNet and there is very low consumer response for the newly launched
product of the company. The problem faced in organizational context would be
analyzed so as to develop the possible solution for the problem. There can be
possible limitation area identified through analysis of present problem such as
company has high pricing for the product or service developed, target segment
of the company may not be appropriate or positioning of the company is not
matching up with the target consumer segment of the company which is creating a
disparity between the segmentation, targeting and positioning strategy adopted
by Constrictum for their newly developed products. One of the possible way to
identify the problem would be to carry out the marketing research wherein major
objective would be to understand the targeting and positioning of the
organization along with effectiveness for the online market tool deployed by
the organization (Jonathan, 2010). The research would provide the possible
limitations in the strategic action taken by the organization and this would be
corrected in order to improve upon the marketing strategy for Constrictum.
Depending upon the success of online marketing tools for the company google ad
word, email marketing and other promotional tools would be used in the organization.
Issue of higher pricing can be dealt by conducting a primary research with the
consumers in order to know the pricing which they are ready to pay so that
consumers conceive value for money for the price paid by them. In order to
resolve the issue of higher pricing discounts can be offered to consumers and
lower pricing products or services can be launched in order to attract the
particular consumer segment towards company offerings (Ulrich, 2006).
B. Identify
and evaluate the various approaches and style that you would use to communicate
a work based problem to your peers and supervisors using your own experience.
In order to communicate the work
based problems to peers and supervisor several communication tools and
techniques can be deployed in organizational context. It is important to deploy
both formal and informal communication methods so that problem is well
communicated to its stakeholders and they are able to understand the actual
problem confronted by employees. Using formal communication method would allow
using the email communication or documentation of the problem which can be
handed over to supervisor and peer group working on the particular area.
Documentation and email communication pertaining to the work based problem
would help in order to communicate issue so that same can be taken up with the
concerned person and resolution can be given for the same. In case the
particular issue is not being resolved then management may explore the loop
holes due to which issue has been created and communication through formal ways
would help in assigning roles and responsibilities for particular work area and
its problems. Formal communication method for communicating work based problem
would include using email communication, writing letter to authority or using
general display method through notice for communicating the problem (Johnason, 2009).
Informal communication also needs
to be done well in advance so that stakeholders for the particular problem are
being able to understand the problem. Informal communication medium would help
in understanding the issue deeply and develop good understanding and root cause
of the problem. Informal communication would be more effective in order to
explore the problem and provide ways through which problem can be dealt. Informal
communication methods would include one to one communication or organizing a
team session in order to communication particular problem faced at work to all
the team members including supervisor. Though informal communication is
important to communicate the problem but it is advisable that along with
informal communication, formal communication should also be done in the

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organizational context.

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