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    In the reference to the above scenario: 1.1 Briefly describe web based application and critically analyse the business advantages that will make you use web applications to develop your solution [P1.1] 1.2  Critically compare the key differences between JavaScript (Client-side) and PHP (Server-side). Give examples and demonstrate how each will be used to build your solution. [P1.2, M1] 1.3 Demonstrate web security techniques that you will be using to protect your data in the web application. [P1.3].  To achieve M1; Student has to define clearly the difference between the client side and server side technologies and give relevant examples and will have met the deadline to submit the tasks and achieve the unit assessment criteria.  Task 2 This task focuses in the design of the web application and associated database. Within this context and in the reference to the above scenario: 2.1  You are required to introduce a design to the online library based on the above scenario. Use all relevant techniques such as wire-framing, mock-ups and sitemap. Your website shall have all the relevant pages for full implementation of the above scenario including a sitemap.


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